New Research for Headaches and Migraine Sufferers

with Nathan Niesler


Have you ever wondered why you suffer from headaches and migraines when others don’t? Did you know, “hot off the press”, new research from Dean Watson of the Watson Headache ® Institute, reveals the upper neck is more involved in headache and migraine than once thought? The study states “It is reasonable and logical that upper cervical (neck) dysfunction has the potential to sensitise the Trigemino-Cervico Nucleus (TCN) in the brainstem”1,2.

This is a game changer for the traditional understanding of migraine and other headache types. Also, this is exciting news for headache sufferers of almost all types and means that every sufferer of headache and migraine potentially has upper neck dysfunction, nerve inflammation and irritation as a contributing factor in sensitizing the brain and nervous system.  This leads to all the symptoms that you are probably all too familiar with. At The Headache and Migraine Clinic ™ our specialised treatment targets the stiffness of the upper neck, which aims to de-sensitise the “ramped up” TCN or brainstem, thus reducing and resolving headache and migraines! For in-depth information on our specific treatment follow this link – Our Treatment.

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