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Chronic Pain

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Our breakthrough 4 step program to get you living headache Free!

  • Had enough of Pain & living in fear of an attack?

  • Feel like you have tried everything?

  • Had enough of missing important family and life events?

  • Sick of the brain Fog?

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Well, we have some hope for you…

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Let us take the headache out of life for you…

Here at The Headache and Migraine Clinic ® we don’t believe it is right to live a life with headaches and migraines. Time is a non-renewable resource and it is our mission to put an end to hours wasted in a dark room whilst missing out on work, life and play. Let us take the headache out of life for you as you join an internationally recognised treatment regime which is backed by scientific evidence and accessed by thousands worldwide.

Such is our passion for you getting back to your life we offer a FREE phone consult 1300 HOPE 4 YOU / 1300 467 349 which will assess your eligibility for this treatment. We believe it is possible NOT to live in fear of your next headache or migraine attack and we are passionate about showing you how you can, like many of our patients, walk out of pain.

We are part of the Global Campaign against Headache and migraine and are financial contributors and partners with Lifting The Burden : the Global Campaign against headache. The Global Campaign against Headache is a worldwide partnership.  This is a non-for profit non-governmental organisation in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Headache Alliance, the International Headache Society and other key organisations with the common goals of creating awareness, educating practitioners and the public, helping patients get better access to evidence-based treatments.  Essentially lifting the burden of headache and migraine pain by finding local solutions to a global public-health problem.

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How is this different to what I have tried previously?

We are almost certain you have not tried this exact kind of approach.  Statistics reveal that 53% of sufferers have never had a proper assessment for their condition let alone the right kind of treatment that works for them.  The latest research suggests that there is an abnormal brainstem processing, sensitivity and convergence in headache and migraine sufferers.  Furthermore, this can be treated with an integrated and combined therapy approach, with a critical step being screening the upper neck as a primary contributor of this increased sensitivity of the brainstem (Watson and Drummond 2014).  Our unique treatment approach is both logical and evidence-based and is aimed at decreasing the sensitivity in the brainstem /central nervous system or the “headache headquarters”.

As part of our combined therapy approach we have other interventions included on-site in our special integrated clinic.  This includes Massage Therapists, Acupuncture, Counsellors, CBT therapy, Exercise Physiologist and a Dietician.  If deemed appropriate we work together as a team to assist in your treatment to help you achieve a better long term result.

 If you think you’ve tried it all (or never had a proper or thorough assessment of your headache or migraine) and still have pain, there is HOPE 4 YOU!

Give our friendly Clinic a call today and Book an Appointment to start your journey to living a Headache and Migraine FREE life today!

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