S.T.E.P. into FreedomTM Program

– A revolutionary treatment paradigm –

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(discover each key S.T.E.P. by clicking on the individual boxes below)

We have some fresh hope4u

The Revolutionary treatment paradigm we have engineered is a real pathway to a new way of living by helping sufferers Stop the Pain cycle and S.T.E.P. into Freedom™ – and to live life Headache Free!

We often hear our Headache and Migraine or Chronic pain patients say when they first arrive to our clinic that they “have tried everything” (and some almost have!). Yet, so often a thorough diagnosis and a stepwise, logical treatment plan that includes new, emerging techniques has actually never been applied.  Hopelessness, self-medicating and the status quo can set in, with usually little to no lasting relief for the poor patient.

If this sounds like you…we look forward to helping you!

…as we are confident of the reasons and science behind ‘Our Success’ and ‘Our unique combined Therapy Approach’  that can help you *BREAK* the Chronic Pain cycle and get your life back!

Whether it’s the awful and dominating pain of migraine or chronic headache, chronic neck or nerve pain, our revolutionary treatment paradigm and program with 4 easy to understand and practical steps will help you:

  • get some real answers.

  • enjoy a detailed assessment and diagnosis.

  • discover the main drivers of your pain and underlying causes.

  • receive an individualized treatment plan and the latest techniques.

  • experience an internationally recognised treatment protocol.

  • get equipped with up-to-date knowledge and real self-help strategies

  • STEP into Freedom!

(discover each key S.T.E.P. by clicking on the individual boxes at the top of the page)

A Brief Summary of the 4 simple S.T.E.P.’s in our Programplus

STOP stands for identifying and addressing the triggers or pain drivers that are the key nervous system sensitizers in your case.  This means if we know what the cause is we can turn the volume “down” on the nervous system sensitivity (which the research tells us is the main feature of chronic pain migraine pain etc.) and essentially stop the episodes of pain!

We refuse to chase symptoms only but want to always TREAT the cause of your neurological condition – the brainstem sensitivity that research shows drives chronic headache and migraine pain.  Too many patients have been stuffed around with treatments that don’t address and treat the cause of headache pain.

We then EMPOWER you to become amazingly self-aware (e.g. decrease stress reactions, tight breathing and posture retraining) essentially educated in a way like never before about your body, your lifestyle, nutrition, your spine and neurovascular system and its relation to you chronic pain cycle.

After the headache or migraine episodes are significantly reduced or eradicated and the pain cycle broken, we will help identify and equip you with those interventions and treatment options to maintain the freedom and PREVENT recurrences.

We are committed to giving you fresh hope and a genuine battle plan for long term prevention and sustained optimal wellness.

There is no greater joy for us than seeing our patients set free from pain, to see long time sufferers of debilitating migraine or other dominating pain feeling in control of their lives again.  Our STEP into Freedom™ program has given many the clarity and direction they need with real answers, expert treatment and tools needed to live life headache free!

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