S.T.E.P. into FreedomTM Program – PREVENT

– A revolutionary treatment paradigm –

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PREVENT recurrences of debilitating pain by permanently reducing your background nervous system sensitivity. In other words, raising your threshold to your “usual triggers” and things which normally would send your neurovascular system over the edge into a painful episode! This is achievable and realistic, even if you have lived with years of pain!

Primarily this can be achieved by desensitising your Trigemino-Cervical Nucleus (TCN), your headache headquarters.  It is possible to maintain an improved threshold by turning the volume down in your TCN by increasing the factors that turn the volume down and stopping the factors that want to crank the dial up again, to help you live life headache free!

For more information on some of details or science of how we can help desensitise your headache headquarters and increase your threshold go to Our Treatment  section of our site.

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