S.T.E.P. into FreedomTM Program – TREAT

– A revolutionary treatment paradigm –

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TREAT the cause and not just the symptoms of your headache or migraine!  Treating the symptoms with a quick fix approach such as over the counter meds or one or two random therapy sessions, living in fear and survival mode jumping from intervention or therapy to the next without a clear plan or idea of what is truly happening or causing an attack (which we hear far too often sadly) is a vicious merry-go-round in itself, just another pain cycle on top of your pain cycle! Insult to Injury for the poor migraine sufferer.

T is also for our unique TREATMENT protocol which uses a powerful combination of the Watson Headache® Institute approach and other evidence-based treatment interventions covering all bases to turn down the nervous system irritation and sensitivity. This includes spinal and nerve health, posture and lifestyle changes, stress reduction, addressing diet and nutritional health, mental health and wellness, acupuncture, exercise and more…


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