S.T.E.P. into FreedomTM Program – EMPOWER

– A revolutionary treatment paradigm –

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EMPOWER yourself with new information and knowledge of Your Body and what is happening in your body that allows otherwise normal stimuli to trigger a migraine or headache attack.  Be empowered and inspired to work with us to re-boot your nervous system in a way – so you feel free of pain but also in control again – not dominated and dictated by episodes of terrible pain.  Being empowered to work towards a healthier spine, posture and nervous system will help us help you towards increasing your threshold or capacity for the “normal” stresses of life.  At The Headache and Migraine Clinic ™ we have a number of empowering self-treatment strategies for all headache and migraine patients including – stress management and breathing techniques, exercise therapy, self-spinal release with exercise, neck retraction and posture retraining and Pilates if desired.  You will learn more about these from your Headache Consultant.  Having the ability to access some of these relatively simple things can not only help naturally abort a migraine if you feel one coming on, but reduce costly and heavy reliance on medications.  Be empowered and don’t live in fear of the next attack!


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